Dr. Tony Trpkovski, American Red Cross, Hawaii Foodbank

“InSPIRE YOU & ME” - Jessica Lani Rich


Dr. Tony Trpkovski, Ukulele Doctor - Principal CEO/Co-Founder, Doctors of Waikiki

Coralie Matayoshi, Regional CEO, American Red Cross

Ron Mizutani, President & CEO, Hawaii Foodbank


Dr. Alan Wu, Maria Kang, Special Olympics Polar Plunge

“InSPIRE YOU & ME” - Jessica Lani Rich


Dr. Alan Wu, MD, Principal CEO/Co-Founder, Doctors of Waikiki

Maria Kang, Author & Fitness Advocate

Tracey Bender, Director of Development, Special Olympics Hawaii


Providing Access to Patients Who Need Medical Attention

(Taking Your Health Back)

“ThinkTech Hawaii” - WENDY LO

"Early intervention and access to health care can reduce complications of many different illnesses. We both have decided to sacrifice our personal time and stay open until midnight daily to provide Urgent Care services currently not available but needed in Waikiki during late-night hours. Hopefully, our Urgent Care services can also decrease the burden of non-emergency visits to the ER coming from patients coming from Waikiki." - Dr. Wu


Have you heard of the Ukelele doctor?


Dr. T has found a unique way to ease the pain of your visit to the doctors.