We have the most up-to-date laboratory of any urgent care in Hawaii and in some cases, we use more advanced equipment than some hospitals. Your health is our first priority so we use only the most state-of-the-art machines that deliver test results within 10 minutes (for most machines). We are also a Nationally Certified Lab, unlike most other urgent cares.


Tests for influenza, strep and RSV
Results within 10 mins

The Alere machine amplifies the virus to determine if you have the flu (results in 10 mins), strep (results in 5 mins) and RSV (results in 7 mins). This is a Diagnostic Test as opposed to a Screening Test. Diagnostic Tests analyze your sample to produce a test result. Other urgent care facilities only have screening tools which then require them to send out your sample to the lab delaying when you will receive your results. Even emergency rooms at Queens and Straub don't have this equipment.

Tests for infection, allergies and internal bleeding
Results within 10 mins

This state-of-the-art CBC machine was just released in Japan and can run your complete blood count in 10 minutes, which is unheard of. It is used to determine if you have an infection, allergies or internal bleeding by analyzing your blood. The machine is connected via ethernet guaranteeing 100% quality control. We are actually the only clinic in Hawaii authorized to utilize this machine.


Tests for UTI, mono, kidney and renal failure
Results in 5-12 mins

Besides the ER, no urgent care in Hawaii has a Piccolo except us. The machines in the ER are an older generation which takes about 2 hours to run the analysis. The newest generation of the Piccolo runs a chemical metabolic panel (chemical analysis of your blood) to test for UTI, mono, kidney failure and renal failure. Medicine changes every day so we need to keep updated. The Piccolo updates its software quarterly, which is one of the reasons we love this machine.

DOW 2 SS-13.jpg

Tests for infection and problems in the kidneys or renal function

The Urine Analyzer helps us quickly detect if you have an infection or issues with your kidneys or renal function.

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We have our own Centrifuge machine, so we can spin your sample and send it out immediately. Most hospitals and urgent care facilities send their samples to outside labs. We are contracted with DLS and CLS to ensure that when we need to obtain the results for a lab at 11pm we can get it.

Vein Finder.png


This state-of-the-art vein locator solves problems associated with hard to find veins by distinctly illuminating a patient's vein, making it much easier to locate.

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We sterilize our own equipment with the Ultra Clave to cut down on infection. Most urgent cares outsource their sterilization, but we prefer to supervise it in-house.